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After two college degrees, raising two children and 30 plus years in the corporate world as a hybrid Packaging Engineer/ System Analyst, I retired for medical reasons. Not one to kick back, I now pursue more creative venues. I enjoy creating jewelry usually using Turquoise, Coral, Amber, Malachite and other gemstones as well as magnetic beads and also create craft items. I often market the jewelry and crafts I create as "The Sara Jane Collection" I also buy and sell Southwestern jewelry as well as collectibles.

My winter home is in Quartzsite, AZ, the swap meet/flea market capital of the Southwest. This provides me with months of buying opportunities. Dealers from around the world come to Quartzsite during JAN and FEB offering stones, finished jewelry, and jewelry findings. Turquoise is very in these days. Being in Quartzsite, I am able to buy turquoise, gemstone beads and sterling silver findings at a reasonable prices for my jewelry so I am able to create unique items for very competitive prices. My summer home is in my home state of Michigan. When traveling between homes, I try to stop in Gallup, NM and buy signed turquoise and sterling silver jewelry. So...I carry lots of Southwestern jewelry and Turquoise which I offer for sale!

Now that my children are long since grown, my best buddy and traveling companion is my dog Phoebe: